Avalanche Ecosystem Gets an Upgrade with Arkefi: AllianceBlock-Powered Art, Cars, and Exclusive Collectible Investment Platform

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The world of investing in art and exclusive collectibles is undergoing significant change with Web3 technology and DeFi. Well-known decentralized tokenized markets infrastructure provider AllianceBlock introduces the high-value real-world asset (RWA) investment platform Arkefi in the Avalanche ecosystem. Backed by reputed art investment company ARTBANX, Arkefi's unique approach aims to reshape the realm of real-world asset (RWA) investments, providing an accessible path for both High-Net-Worth Individuals (HNWIs) and crypto investors to invest in exclusive art, cars, and collectibles.

Despite the high value of the exclusive collectibles featured on Arkefi, the platforms inclusive approach means anyone can get involved. For example, the first listing will accept investments of as little as 100 USD.

Arkefis inaugural luxury collectible investment will feature the renowned Danish-Vietnamese installation artist Danh V, who is based in the vibrant art hub of New York City. V's work has earned him global recognition, with his art showcased at prestigious events and institutions such as La Biennale di Venezia, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York City, and Palazzo Grassi in Venice. Notably, V's works have experienced consistent annual appreciation rates exceeding 10%.

Arkefi leverages blockchain technology and decentralized finance (DeFi) to unlock liquidity for illiquid and unbankable assets while making high-value art and exclusive art, cars and collectibles more accessible in a transparent and user-friendly platform. Backed by the art industry experience of ARTBANX and the blockchain technology expertise of AllianceBlock, Arkefi will transform how individuals invest in tangible assets.

Arkefi – Fractionalized Investments

Key Features of Arkefi

Arkefi stands out through its focus on user accessibility, transparency, and convenience, all powered by AllianceBlocks decentralized technology:

  • Unlocking Liquidity for High-Value RWAs: Arkefi enables HNWIs to unlock the liquidity of their valuable yet otherwise illiquid assets, using them as collateral to access these funds.

  • Earnings on Investment: Arkefi ensures clear benefits for investors. In case of a buy-back, the principal and pre-agreed return are directly added to the digital wallet. If not executed, buyers gain full ownership, offering additional profit potential.

  • Digital Twins of RWAs: Through the Nexera Protocol, the Arkefi platform tokenizes and fractionalizes the high-value art piece with a digital representation on-chain, enabling fractional ownership and investment in art.

  • Partial Ownership in Digital Twins: Arkefi's partial ownership feature enables small capital investments in a fraction of a tokenized art piece, opening art investment to a broader audience of investors and art enthusiasts.

  • Guided Steps: Arkefi offers user-friendly guidance with step-by-step instructions, ensuring seamless platform navigation.

Enhancing Value with Curation and Preservation

Beyond its investment capabilities, Arkefi enhances value through curation, authentication, and preservation:

  • Secure RWA Storage: Only artworks meeting stringent standards are available for sale, stored securely in bonded warehouses in Switzerland, ensuring asset preservation.

  • Investor-Friendly Holding Terms: Sellers can access liquidity from their collections. An artwork is tokenized and showcased on the platform for funding. If not repurchased, buyers retain ownership, presenting additional profit opportunities.

What's Next for Arkefi

The fusion of AllianceBlock's technology and ARTBANX's experience sets a new standard for tokenizing RWAs. Upcoming upgrades include integrating AllianceBlock's identity management and compliance solution, NexeraID; secondary market trading; dynamic pricing mechanisms; insurance pools; and expanding offerings to include other high-value asset classes like cars and diamonds.

Arkefi's user-friendly approach, backed by AllianceBlock, is reshaping the investment landscape for RWAs, democratizing access to art and exclusive collectibles. The platform's launch furthers AllianceBlocks mission of creating the infrastructure for a decentralized tokenized market by bringing together the worlds of high-value art and decentralized finance.

I'm thrilled to witness DeFi's potential in reshaping high-value real-world asset investment. Arkefi's launch on the Avalanche network brings an already established model into the dynamic world of Web3. By combining our innovative tokenization infrastructure with ARTBANX's expertise, we're democratizing investment in art and collectibles, making it more equitable, efficient, and accessible for all." said Matthijs de Vries, CTO and Founder of AllianceBlock.

About Arkefi

Arkefi serves as a pioneering platform that levels the playing field in the financing of art, cars, and collectibles by utilizing on-chain options. It offers a guaranteed return of up to 50%, allowing investors to acquire portions of these high-value assets at half their market price. This approach provides a compelling alternative to conventional methods of fractional ownership.

About AllianceBlock

AllianceBlock is an infrastructure provider for decentralized tokenized markets. It empowers businesses with liquidity provisioning and allows them to compliantly issue, manage, and trade tokenized digital assets, including real-world assets (RWAs).

The AllianceBlock ecosystem of partners, clients, and ventures consists of top stakeholders from the financial industry and the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector. Their unique product suite complies with global regulations and seamlessly integrates with legacy systems.

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