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San Jose is full of economic opportunity, great schools, parks, and a wonderful metro area, once the heartbeat of SiliconValley for those in the know, and was once the best place to invest in real estate. 2022 saw 20% more people leaving San Jose than moving to San Jose during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021, the largest mass exodus since the dot-com bust.

Adiel Gorel, owner of International Capital Group has helped thousands of newly minted remote workers from San Jose to first-time real estate investors from all over America to make this vital next step in their financial freedom. ICG does this in a way that has provided investors with a lifetime of financial security through economic ups and downs for decades. Gorel is hosting a free virtual event to answer the question; what are the best places to invest in real estate 2022. Don’t miss out, click

Taking into account the mass exodus from cities like San Jose, Silicon Valley at large, New York City, and San Francisco and combining that fact with the millions who now remote work and are looking for a rental property to buy, it’s easy to see why the number one question is; what are the best places to invest in real estate 2022. Professionals who have trudged up the corporate ladder for decades hear the newscasters, pundits from Fortune Magazine to Forbes call it “The Great Resignation or the Great Migration.” However, the savvy investor hears “The Great Opportunity,” because finding the right rental property to buy, a wealth-building machine with the money saved from living outside expensive San Jose jumped to the top of the list of things to do for many families.

Imagine knowing the best places to invest in real estate 2022, finding a rental property to buy or two or more, buying it with a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage, having renters pay for that mortgage, and using that money to pay for each child’s education or to invest in another rental property, even to just afford any unforeseen expenses stress-free.

“With so many now remote working from outside the expensive hubs, like San Jose, even most of Silicon Valley, more and more families find that their disposable income has risen high enough to become investment income! It’s actually a great time to invest in the single-family home with the 30-year-fixed rate mortgage.” -Adiel Gorel, owner of International Capital Group (ICG)

Finding a rental property to buy is a dependable way families create generational wealth and get their lineage out of being born into financial bondage. The heart and soul of investing, especially in single-family home rentals, is the 30-year fixed-rate loan because that loan never changes despite inflation and rising costs of living.

An investor with the understanding of which rental property to buy allows inflation becomes a friend. Inflation will continue to erode the real value of a fixed-rate loan day after day, while the tenant is paying off that loan. It’s doable. ICG has gone to great lengths to make it something almost anyone can do and will be hosting the live zoom event. Register under Events at to find out the best places to invest in real estate in 2022.

“Finding the best places to invest in 2022 or in any year is vital. The power of these investments affords families peace of mind because they are truly Remote Control Retirement Riches. The system works beautifully, simply, and powerfully. It betters lives for generations.” -Adiel Gorel Owner of International Capital Group.

Silicon Valley is changing dramatically during the evolution of the new normal into new geographical locations, bringing with it culture, tax incentives, and lower housing costs that are very likely to rise with the migration of these large tech companies. There is a great opportunity in rental property to buy, in understanding how to use the 30-year fixed-rate loan, against inflation, in the states near a metropolitan area, with new single-family homes in the surrounding suburbs.

The 30-year fixed-rate loan is a specific benefit that is unique to the U.S., and it makes money for the investor and turns inflation into an ally. For the first-time investor, getting a loan can seem daunting and even the savviest investor can get hesitate and miss their opportunity caught up in fear and in the over-analysis of the best places to invest in real estate 2022.

While inflation raises the prices of everything, the mortgage payment never rises with inflation! The loan balance continues to go down with every mortgage payment that a renter makes. And the remaining balance on the mortgage also never suddenly goes up with inflation forcing many families to sell their beloved homes. It’s fixed. It’s insanity! Even the great Warren Buffet agrees that the 30-year mortgage is one of his top 5 tips for building wealth.

For more details, feel free to register for the next live zoom event at where the best places to invest in real estate in 2022 will be revealed. This is a very workable investment for so many people with so many different financial goals. It can be a life-changer for generations of the family tree.

Becoming financially secure means allocating funds for investments essential to financial freedom. The Remote Control Retirement Riches system, the same title as Adiel Gorel’s book, is a very workable system for so many people with so many different financial goals. It can be a life-changer. It can change the legacy of a family for generations.

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