Bleeding Edge Technology Platform Esaiyo Launches Groundbreaking White Paper

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Denver, CO: Esaiyo, a bleeding-edge technology company, has released its long-anticipated White Paper.

This in-depth overview of Esaiyo Trace: Blockchain Auditing for Multi-Chain Digital Assets, is currently available for download on Esaiyo’s website

Esaiyo believes all objects — physical, conceptual, and digital — have stories to tell and rights to individual existence which is secure, provable, testable, and audited. Evidence of asset behaviors should be easily available to anyone, anywhere. Currently, when a digital asset is created, the history, attributes, and behavior of the asset remain intact only so long as that asset remains on the platform where it was created. For non-fungible tokens (NFTs) especially, the “nature” of the asset implies the ability to migrate between markets that can best match with the value of the asset. Over time, NFTs will spend significant time in secondary markets, perhaps even more than on their original platforms. While much attention has been paid to bridging assets between chains and platforms, there is little scrutiny regarding the metadata of the NFT — including history, digital rights, ownership, relationships to other objects and assets, legal presence and jurisdiction, and characteristics of the object.

Esaiyo Trace (Trace) preserves both the asset transactional and intended behavior as well as its characteristics and implications for the entire life of the NFT. Moving across chains need not leave valuable information behind (when “burning” NFTs on the original chain). The moves need not be “new beginnings” for an asset (when “minting” NFTs on the new chain). Over time these “re-starts” impact the intrinsic, archival, and economic values of the asset itself. Esaiyo Trace maintains all aspects of the original asset as it migrates in a manner that preserves the primary capability of blockchain technology (Antonopoulos, 2017; Arsheep Bahga, 2017)

Esaiyo Trace enables intent, execution, and state-auditing where all observed behaviors are saved on-chain for NFT’s. Esaiyo Trace provides on-chain consistency and validation for these diasporic characteristics and combines them with the rich record of behavior required to capture and present the complete asset view.

Esaiyo Trace enables the cross-blockchain transfer of detailed information and data which make up the complete view of the asset preserving its provenance in addition to a coherent audit trail of all of the steps across both the source and destination marketplaces and blockchains.

In addition to launching its White Paper Esaiyo is now working with the Government of Barbados to explore the multiple uses of their proprietary software in protecting Barbados’ ownership pertaining of their heritage data and records while amplifying this information by surfacing and connecting the stories of Barbados’ people, culture, places, and significant objects through the launch of the ROAD Initiative. This initiative was launched in December via a press conference with some of the major stakeholders in the project including Barbados Prime Minister Mia Mottley, the projects Architectural lead Sir Daivd Ajaye, and LMI’s Maxwell Anderson.

With customers as diverse as NFT platforms, sovereign nations & large manufacturers lining up to leverage the combined Esaiyo vision-the SIO Standard and the Esayio technology platform-Esaiyo is poised to help solidify humanity’s onramp to the metaverse. Esaiyo is essentially building a framework to ultimately be the source of definitive narratives, authenticity, and provenance data for virtual and physical objects across the universe.

As Esaiyo CEO Raymond. St Martin stated, “As the next wave of information technology evolves around transparency and ownership, it is important to develop trust in a system that holds and surfaces the contextual data for all native and representative digital assets. By being the context engine that allows any bridge, platform or brand to point to any digital asset and display its on and off-chain history, Esaiyo looks to be that trusted partner for many new and enterprising endeavors. We are continually building our core in support of what is really beyond what people are calling Web 3.0, and give access to those who can create social, legacy, historical, and monetary value from tools like Esaiyo Trace.


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