Brace Yourself For The Most Impactful Book Since The Bible

PI, The Numerical Cheatcode To The Laws Of The Universe

Fort Worth, Texas Jul 12, 2023 ( – Author G. Neal’s latest book may be the most impactful book since the Bible itself. The memoir is written in such a way that it ties religion, science, mathematics, life, and philosophy together in a way never done before. G. Neal is a veteran of both the USMC and the US Army, as well as a former government contractor. His extensive experience of supporting US operations in countries like Afghanistan and Kuwait for a decade gives him a unique worldly perspective. The impactful lessons learned from handling a divorce while in a warzone to dealing with death and other complicated emotions are just some of the topics he sheds light on in this book. This book will help you figure out who you are as a person and why you are that way with the application of the simple math equation TxBxSxE= LE. The equation stands for Time, Background, Situation, and Environment, which equals Life Experience. He systematically breaks each element down with real-life events to illustrate the importance of each element, all while not speaking above your head. In a society where mental health is so key to daily life, this book can help you find or achieve a greater level of peace in your life. A couple of his literary influences are Robert Greene, 50 Cent, and Thomas Sowell.

If you are familiar with the mathematical standard PI, you know that it is the only number without a repeating pattern nor does it end, so essentially this number is a question used to figure out other questions in a finite manner. People are the personification of PI because we do the same thing. Each person you come in contact with you learn something from, making you more complete as a person. If you ever questioned who you are or why you exist this book may very well give you the answers to the questions that haunt you. As a veteran G. Neal has dealt with various and can relate to many going through similar struggles. His only mission is to assist others in finding their purpose. Finding your purpose is the greatest gift you can give yourself and the world. Nothing haunts a person’s soul like unfulfilled promise and lack of purpose. Allow the book Pi The Numerical Cheat Code To The Laws Of The Universe to feed your soul and enlighten your path to finding your purpose. Some lucky purchasers of the books will find a hidden message in the book from the author that can only be revealed by UV light. Brace yourself for the most impactful book since the Bible. The book will be available on Amazon as other major online platforms Barnes & Noble, and Apple Books to name a few places. On July 19th brace for impact, books available in eBook, and paperback. The UBL to the book is

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