Canadian Neurotechnology Company Zentrela Launches Groundbreaking Education Program Based on Novel Brainwave Research

Zentrela, a leading CanadHamilton, Ontario Jul 12, 2023 ( – ian neurotechnology company, is proud to announce the launch of an innovative education program focused on providing consumers with reliable information about the effects of cannabis products. Through cutting-edge brainwave research, Zentrela aims to empower consumers with the knowledge they need to make informed purchase and consumption decisions in the rapidly growing cannabis industry.

Consumer Problem: Lack of Reliable Information

As the cannabis market continues to expand, an increasing number of infrequent, inexperienced, and new consumers are seeking reliable information about the potential effects of cannabis products. This critical information gap has left many consumers unsure about the impact of different cannabis products and has hindered their ability to make informed choices.

Industry Problem: Unmet Consumer Need

Until now, this significant consumer need has remained largely unaddressed due to the scarcity of comprehensive, scientific research in this field. Zentrela recognized this issue since the federal Canadian legalization and in 2021 started the world’s largest brainwave study to objectively quantify and classify the psychoactive effects cannabis products have on the brain. As of today, more than 800 consumers of beverages, edibles, pre-rolls, and vapes have participated in the Zentrela research project. The neurotech tech company is announcing today the beginning of a series of publications of scientific articles where they will describe the results of their massive cannabis effect research using their proprietary wearable brain device and Machine Learning algorithms to accurately describe the effects specific products create for consumers. For the first time, new or inexperienced consumers will have neuroscience-backed product effect information to make informed purchasing and consumption decisions.

Our Solution: Unveiling the Truth Through Research

Having successfully piloted its science-driven consumer education approach since 2022 with leading retailers in the Greater Toronto Area and Collective Project, an innovative cannabis beverage brand, Zentrela is now prepared to scale up its program and share its findings with a broader audience of Canadians. This scale-up phase includes publishing the results of their extensive, independent research to address a wide range of consumer questions such as how onset times vary between cannabis beverages, edibles, pre-rolls, and vape products. Zentrela has forged partnerships with age-gated media companies, including KIND Magazine, SESH CLUB, Grow Opportunity, and Cannabis Prospect, as well as influencers in age-gated social media platforms such as Instagram, Reddit, and Twitter, to ensure broad distribution of this scientific content.

Furthermore, Zentrela is partnering with retailers who are committed to educating consumers and helping them make more informed decisions. By leveraging their study publications, Zentrela will provide these retailers with science-backed cannabis product effect information, enabling budtenders to objectively inform consumers and enhance their overall experience. Retailers currently participating in the program include Spiritleaf Little Italy, Neku Cannabis, The Niagara Herbalist, and Curious Cannabis Co. These collaborations will ensure the widespread dissemination of accurate information and reach cannabis consumers at the point of sale.

About Zentrela

Zentrela is an independent research organization that utilizes novel non-invasive neurotechnology to accurately and objectively quantify and classify the effects cannabis products create for consumers. With a mission to become the most trusted and comprehensive provider of cannabis product effect information, Zentrela is dedicated to empowering consumers with the knowledge they need to make informed consumption decisions.

Join Zentrela’s Mission

If you are a cannabis retailer, social media influencer, or media company with the goal of educating cannabis consumers and contributing to a well-informed community, we invite you to reach out to Zentrela. Together, we can shape a future where consumers have the information they deserve to make confident choices.

For media inquiries or further information, please contact:

Roy Agostino

Chief Commercial Officer

(416) 659-0678

Media Contact

Zentrela, Inc.

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231 Main St. W

Source :Zentrela, Inc.

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