Culver City Shakti Therapy & Healing Services Announces Ketamine Therapy For TRD

Following the announcement, individuals suffering from mental health conditions who do not respond to traditional treatments can now access Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP), launched by the Shakti Therapy & Healing Services clinic in Los Angeles.

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Shakti Therapy & Healing Services’ recently added treatment option uses a unique approach, combining pre-treatment preparation, ketamine treatment, and integrated therapy, into each visit. Patients will be monitored throughout their treatment by specially trained therapists with extensive experience in psychoactive therapy and altered states of consciousness.

While KAP has been shown to help “initiate and prolong clinically significant reductions in pain, anxiety, and depressive symptoms”(1), this treatment is not for everyone. Before individuals can be scheduled for KAP treatments, all new patients will be required to undergo a comprehensive mental health screening and medical assessment by a ketamine specialist.

After completing their initial consultation, patients can access three treatment options, depending on the severity of their condition. However, while some clinics provide ketamine infusions as a standalone treatment, patients at Shakti Therapy & Healing Services will always receive intramuscular ketamine or lozenges in combination with both a pre-treatment preparation and a post-treatment therapy session for greater impact and reduction in suffering from TDR.

This is because, while research is still ongoing, evidence suggests that “Despite much variance in how KAP is applied… findings suggest psychotherapy, provided before, during, and following ketamine sessions, can maximize and prolong benefits.”(1) Patients can also choose between a range of package options, for either short-term, mid-term, or long-term treatment.

Potential patients are also encouraged to use a new fast assessment on the clinic’s website, which can help determine if KAP may be the right treatment for them. While this simple assessment is not a replacement for a thorough evaluation by a medical professional, it can indicate that an individual should consider scheduling an in-person consultation with a KAP specialist.

An anxiety treatment case study from Shakti Therapy & Healing Services can be read here:

Although ketamine treatments administered by trained professionals are considered safe, some minor side effects may be expected, such as mild nausea, dizziness, derealization, and drowsiness, which usually resolve quickly after a treatment session.

More information about Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy, the fast pre-assessment, and research on the effects of ketamine on treatment-resistant conditions can be found at

1. Drozdz, S. J., Goel, A., McGarr, M. W., Katz, J., Ritvo, P., Mattina, G. F., Bhat, V., Diep, C., & Ladha, K. S. (2021). Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy: A Systematic Narrative Review of the Literature. Journal of Pain Research, 15, 1691-1706.

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