How the Humble Potato is the Road to Making Money!

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Potato and Potato Products Cultivation, Seed Production, Manuring, Harvesting, Organic Farming, Storage and Processing

Delhi, India Feb 2, 2022 ( – Some handbooks are good. Others are bad. And a very select few are like a treasure trove. Here, we have the ‘Potatoes and Potato Products Cultivation, Seeds, Seed Production, Manuring, Harvesting, Organic Farming, Storage and Processing’ by the NPCS Board of Consultants & Engineers, and this belongs certainly to the category of a bible in its realm. A 560 page, Rs 1275 price-tagged book, it is literally like a guiding light in its industry. All folks that are looking at setting up a profitable unit in the kingdom of potatoes will find it extremely useful and something right up their street. Published by Niir Project Consultancy Services, this trendsetting book serves its purpose for the reader as very few others do.

The humble potato. It is a vegetable that can be found in any corner of planet earth. It is put into use in multiple food segments right from the simple native aloo-subzi to the delicious potato soup of the Italians, or the mouth-watering French fries and wafers. There will be many takers for establishing a unit that caters to any line of products utilizing potatoes as their pulse or the main ingredient. Thus, if it is your dream and desire to manufacture or produce a product connected to this most popular vegetable in the globe, this digest of sorts is what you need to pick up without hesitation. Going through its lucidly-written pages will inform and educate you on what you need to do, where you need to go, and what is the go-to path you should adopt for processing your dire wish.

To begin with, you will get adequate know-how on the origin, evolution, geographical reach, and spread of the potato. Then again, its core quantitative and qualitative aspects come to light in a simple and straightforward manner. In sum total, this particular handout is an invaluable resource for technocrats, agricultural universities, students, and entrepreneurs. As we know, a vast multitude of humanity is searching for ways and means to become businessmen engaged in profitable work. If you are one that is searching around for a profession to making it big in, and are looking at certain agricultural pursuits, try picking up this knowledge chest. It may just prove to be a turning point in your quest to find just the right thing to do. Who knows, you may land up becoming the ‘Uncle Chips’ or the ‘Lays’ king very soon in the future.

Or else, this book “Potatoes and Potato Products Cultivation, Seeds, Seed Production, Manuring, Harvesting, Organic Farming, Storage and Processingcould be the beginning of the road to success for you in terms of creating a dried potato powder mix that makes a delectable delicacy. A palatable treat can be worked out from your end using the potato as the primary heartbeat ingredient that can cook up a storm for one and all! Opportunities come. Opportunities go. It is for a quick and intelligent person to know which one to use for an endeavor that is worthy and money-making in the same go. Thus, do not be lackadaisical in your approach and make use of this ripe opportunity that has come your way.

The run-up roster of chapters here include method detailing on the bacterial diseases and their management, the post-harvest handling of the potato, biotechnology of the production of quality planting material, breeding for processing varieties, the seed technology for the potato, seed production, psychological disorders, favorable conditions for the growth of the potato, cultivation, manuring, harvesting, fungal diseases and their management, low input technology for potato production, the micronutrient requirements of potato, weed management, organic farming, cropping systems, potato pests and their management, potato storage, stackable potato chips technology, treatment and disposal of potato wastes, advanced thermal application in potato processing, snack chip deep fat frying, manufacture, storage, and transport of frozen French fries, grading manual for frozen French fried potatoes, cost efficiencies in snack food processing, thermal processing system for potatoes, batch fryer, booster heater, et al. In short, you have a gist of whatever the business of potato is all about.

What comes through in this handbook is the fine craft of telling potato stories. So, what does one need these stories for? As touched upon before, the minute detailing that is told in the lines of the book are the soulful curries required for doing any business with potatoes. If you have cultivable land, live in a place that has the requisite soil conditions, and carry the torch in you for becoming a successful entrepreneur, dig into this book to give you the basics of what to do. You will end up becoming wiser about how to organize a setting to become rich and famous. In addition, one becomes all the more knowledgeable of a vegetable that is known the world over for tickling the taste buds. However, there is something that one needs to be careful of before one begins this sojourn. Learn your art of entrepreneurship and manufacturing with care and with caution. Do not hurry up with the basics. And rest assured, you would have come up with the A, B, and C of all you need to know and do for a successful business endeavor.

At endpoint, it is necessary to say that this handbook is meant for those that are seriously involved with potatoes. If it is a vegetable you need to brush your basics up with and also are delving into for professional purposes, use this manual without thinking twice. It is a weapon in your armoire that you can use to battle out in the world of business. Finesse is the one word that comes to mind when one thinks of how it is written. After all, the potato is a vegetable that deserves much mention not only by those that want to make a living via using it but also by those that want to enhance their knowhow about the flora in this world of ours. So go through these pages and become all the more enriched by far! And, end up being successful, rich, and famous!

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