McKeeman Communications Say These Metrics Can Measure The Effectiveness Of A Marketing Plan

RALEIGH, NC – Marketing is never an exact science, and no two entities have the same goals. However, there are many ways to measure the effectiveness of a marketing campaign, especially if the business has taken note of where it was before the campaign began. Today, experts from McKeeman Communications, one of the premier PR firms in Raleigh, NC, share insight on how business owners can measure the success of their marketing endeavors.

The effectiveness of marketing and PR campaigns is not always easy to quantify. Unlike sales or revenue, there’s no single measure that can tell a business owner how many times marketing has made it in front of potential customers. Further complicating matters is that consumers don’t always take action on marketing messages immediately. Sometimes, they don’t need a certain product or service at the moment, and it may take months for a single impression to turn into a sale.

According to McKeeman Communications, there are several measures that can give business owners and marketing managers insight into the proverbial fruits of their labor. First is social media reach. There are billions of daily users on Facebook, Instagram, and other social platforms. Businesses can use the information culled from account dashboards to see how many likes, shares, and follows they’ve received in the days and weeks following a new marketing effort.

More than just new followers, social media can also tell businesses how many times their brand has been mentioned or engaged with. Business owners should pay attention to what consumers are saying as social listening, while still an emergent practice, is crucial in allowing businesses to know what’s being said and how they can change to better meet their customers’ needs and engage with them.

Many PR firms in Raleigh also advise that business owners measure their website’s traffic during and after a marketing outreach campaign. A significant spike in site visitors is a good sign that their message has made it to the eyes that need to see it. Business owners can also determine whether a visitor took action or even converted in a sale. Website traffic might be spurred by backlinks, which are a form of brand mention outside of social media. A backlink happens when one website links to another. These are important in search engine optimization as well as brand management and brand recognition.

PR firms also like to look at secured, earned media coverage as measures of a successful marketing campaign. While not all businesses need widespread coverage, even a mention in a local print or web publication is a good thing. Earned media is confirmation from a highly trusted, third-party validator that your business or product is relevant or important. This type of influence and significant reach has the potential to lead to more sales. Consumers are inundated with paid and sponsored media content, and it often doesn’t stand out like earned media, because the consumer is being sold to.

McKeeman Communications says that sales figures are another top metric businesses can use to gauge the success of a marketing outreach strategy. While PR firms usually caution that a single outreach can have a long-lasting effect, like enhanced brand awareness or favorable response, immediate sales numbers can help a business owner decide whether they are simply capturing attention or converting these impressions into customers.

Ultimately, McKeeman Communications says that PR firms can work with businesses closely to ensure that their message is seen. By measuring KPIs, business owners can get a good idea of the types of marketing that works,what doesn’t and what needs to be finessed. Although measuring the effectiveness of a marketing campaign isn’t an exact science, there are clear signs that indicate whether a plan is working or not.

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