Metaverse Radio Further Embraces the Blockchain in Announcing New Policy on Web3-Friendly Music

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Web3 Technologies Provide Musicians Potentially Significant Advantages

Chicago, Illinois Jul 20, 2023 ( – Metaverse Radio WMVR-db Chicago (, the self-proclaimed “future-most accessible, ubiquitous, and persistent radio broadcast in human history,” today solidifies its commitment to blockchain and decentralized digital-spatial internet technologies by announcing a new policy that exclusively accepts, for broadcast, music integrated into one of the many existing Web3-friendly platforms or marketplaces.”

The move aims to support musicians by encouraging their exploration of the wealth of opportunities within the Web3 ecosystem, while simultaneously recognizing the relevance and importance of traditional distribution channels. Metaverse Radio affirms that simultaneous distribution via other means will in no way disqualify tracks for airplay on their platform.

“Our goal is not to punish or exclude artists, but rather to illuminate possibilities and guide transitions,” stated a spokesperson from Metaverse Radio. “We believe this shift will accelerate understanding and adoption of Web3 platforms among musicians, ultimately helping them maintain control, foster direct fan engagement, and create innovative revenue streams.”

“We suggest that Web3 technologies provide musicians with various and potentially significant advantages, including increased ownership and control, new ways to monetize their work, and direct engagement with fans.”

What is a Web3-friendly platform or marketplace?

A Web3-friendly platform or marketplace, as referred to in this context, is generally considered to be a platform or marketplace that supports Web3 technologies, such as blockchain or NFTs. It embodies the concept of decentralization or identity ownership ethos. Ideally, these platforms allow users to own and control their creative assets and to interact with each other directly, without a central authority.

Some examples of Web3 participants include DAOrecords, Tamago Music, CyberFM, Loozr, Emanate, OPUS Audio, BitSong, LGND Music, Sound XYZ, Audius, Mintbase, Async Art, Opulous, OpenSea, Rarible, Zora, among many others. Note: this listing is not an endorsement of any particular platforms, but merely a reference to branded or self-identified Web3 participants – do your own research!

Until further notice, in order to qualify for broadcast consideration, Metaverse Radio will require that music be concurrently available for download or streaming, either for free or for purchase, on a Web3-friendly platform or marketplace. Musicians who have minted their tracks as NFTs satisfy this requirement.

Once the music is available on a Web3 platform, musicians may submit a link to the track to Metaverse Radio during specified Calls for Music.

In an effort to accommodate artists not yet immersed in Web3, Metaverse Radio assures that it will continue to air non-Web3 music previously submitted and selected for broadcast, with the artists’ consent.

“We broadcast a good number of musicians whose music, to our knowledge, is not yet available in the Web3 and it is our hope that they will consider doing so – as we believe digital provenance holds the key to music’s future,” stated the spokesperson.

For those considering the transition, “we’re offering direct and personalized communications to musicians to help clarify these new requirements.”

As intended, the policy bears potential benefits for artists navigating the music industry’s digital frontier by exploring newer approaches. It encourages musicians to become familiar with these capabilities and evolve alongside the rapid digital transformation happening within the music industry.

Metaverse Radio is enthusiastic about this next era of music and is hopeful for increased artist empowerment and better connected listeners.

Metaverse Radio sees this shift as a significant moment in the progression of music, visual arts, and the humanities.

“By clearly aligning ourselves with Web3-oriented activities, we aim to champion a future in which artists have direct ownership and control over their work, and fans have a more direct connection to the artists they love,” expressed the spokesperson.

About Metaverse Radio

Headquartered in Chicago, Metaverse Radio is on the frontier of the Metaverse, offering a persistent digital audio broadcast accessible through various mediums, from the Metaverse itself to traditional online radio and more.

It provides a blend of music, panel discussions, event coverage, and news, with extended interviews available via podcasts. Metaverse Radio is an IRUC-registered Standardized Digital Radio Station, a Principal Member of the Metaverse Standards Forum, and encourages the use of Metaverse Cyber Time (MCT).

Please note: As with any new technology, there are associated risks and challenges. Musicians should consider factors such as digital rights agreements and management. The stability and feasibility of the specific blockchain, as well as the potential volatility of markets, are also key considerations before deciding on their level of individual involvement in the Web3 ecosystem.

Wide variations of agreements and rights exist within and among the many Web3 platforms. Do your own research – or, better yet, contact a licensed legal expert if in doubt.

“We’re not just adapting to a trend; we’re embracing a transformation that we believe will revolutionize the way artists create, share, and monetize their work,” said Metaverse Radio’s Director of Programming. “By aligning with Web3 technologies, we’re advocating for a future where artists maintain the ownership and control they deserve over their creations, and where fans enjoy a more direct and genuine connection to the artists and music they love. We’re excited to be a part of this journey and look forward to playing our role in the evolution of the music industry.”

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