Powering Multiple CPG Industries With A ‘Secret Sauce’: Bioscience Company Reports Its Proprietary Nanotech Improves Taste And Absorption Of Functional Foods & Beverages

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By Rachael Green, Benzinga

This month, Rexis Biotech, the company behind an innovative new nano fiber technology for creating highly water-soluble infusions from hydrophobic molecules, announced a new partnership with 3Chi, Inc. The partnership makes Rexis the worlds largest hemp-derived cannabis manufacturer and will see 3Chis initial order of 1M cans distributed via Rexis massive national distribution network. The agreement is the latest in a string of major contracts Rexis has landed this year, and the news comes in the midst of the biotechs ongoing crowdfunding campaign through WeFunder, where Rexis is seeking to raise equity and awareness of its new technology.

Rexis Is Leveraging Its Proprietary Fused Polymorph Nano Fiber Technology To Improve The Quality And Potency Of Consumer Goods

Rexis uses a proprietary co-crystal in a patented procedure that creates a completely tasteless and odorless powder for infusing into foods and beverages. Co-crystallization combines two or more molecules into a single stable crystal structure. Its already being used in the pharmaceutical industry to improve the bioavailability of drugs. But its typically been limited to small-scale or specialized production because its a complex and expensive process.

Trademarked under the name Fused Polymorph Nano Fiber Technology, this advanced co-crystallization platform turns hydrophobic molecules like CBD, THC and many essential vitamins into nanoparticles ranging from 35 to 50 nanometers. For scale, a single viral cell is about 50 to 100 nanometers.

This tiny size makes the ingredients easier for the human body to absorb because it is mostly absorbed within the mouth, well before first past digestion. Clinical research has found that CBD processed using Fused Polymorph Nano Fiber TechnologyTM is more than 48% bioavailable, for example. Thats a substantial improvement over the 6% bioavailability of standard CBD oil.

Better bioavailability means more of the active ingredient is actually getting absorbed into the bloodstream. For ingredients like CBD or THC, that can mean a faster onset of effects and the ability to get the effects you need with a lower dose. Rexis says its proprietary nano fibers can be absorbed into the bloodstream more quickly and completely than standard emulsions. They can even adjust the length of the fibers to speed up or slow down the onset/offset timing.

CBD oil isnt the only poorly-absorbed ingredient on the market. Many of the most popular supplements contain hydrophobic vitamins like Vitamin A, C, D, E, and K. Other functional ingredients like caffeine and many of the essential amino acids the body needs to make protein are also hydrophobic. In addition to being poorly absorbed, the amount that actually makes it into the bloodstream can vary depending on a range of factors. That means you can take the exact same dose and get different results.

The technology Rexis uses is meant to not only improve those absorption rates but also make them more consistent so that consumers can more reliably predict what dose to take to meet their needs while ensuring taste is retained or improved this gives the company a potentially large total addressable market spread across multiple industries.

Rexis Is Gaining The Attention Of Industry Leaders Across Key Markets

Manufacturers are already hopping on board to use this Fused Polymorph Nano Fiber TechnologyTM in their supplements, beverages, and other consumer products. Rexis says its already signed more than $8.35 million worth of contracts in the first half of this year with a range of clients in rapidly growing industries like cannabis, wellness and functional beverages the company boasts of powering brands like 3Chi and First Person Group thanks to its focus on retaining or improving taste.

In addition to the million dollar agreement with 3Chi this month, the company has signed contracts with other cannabis leaders like Happy Valley, Redbud Roots and Nectr. But its not just licensing its tech to customers. Rexis is also developing its own line of retail brands and pharmaceuticals to add additional revenue streams and showcase the wide-ranging potential of this technology. Meanwhile, investors have already helped the biotech raise over $260K through its crowdfunding campaign.

For investors interested in learning more, check out their WeFunder page.

Rexis is the industry leader and pioneer in developing Hydrophobic Molecule Delivery systems. Leading in the innovation, production and formulation of water based ingredients for use in the Pharmaceutical and Consumer Packaged goods industry. Established in 2022, Rexis is building a core mix of proprietary IP used to sustain strong sales models with pharmaceutical licensees, consumer packaged goods manufacturers and clinical research teams.

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