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Preferred Pest Control OC – It’s no secret that Southern California has an ideal climate and living here is considered very fortunate but, oddly enough, the ideal climate can come with its own set of side effects. For instance, warm weather pests like fleas are abundant year round because they prefer weather between 70-85 degrees. Fleas are external parasites that grab onto a dog’s or cat’s fur and make their way deep inside the coat where they bite and feed on the animal’s blood. These parasites don’t discriminate. They will happily live on human hosts, too. In addition to being creepy, crawly, and jumpy, fleas can also be dangerous.

Cooler weather or not, fleas in Orange County don’t really go away. In fact, fleas, like other pests like cockroaches, ants, and houseflies, like warm weather. Higher temperatures are ideal for fleas to lay eggs, resulting in larvae hatching and adult fleas restarting the life cycle. Needless to say, the weather in Orange County and surrounding areas becomes an ideal zone for fleas to breed. With conditions in California merely lowering a few degrees, winter weather is almost non-existent. As a result, it is rarely cold enough to freeze robust flea populations.

Flea outbreaks in Orange County can be highly uncomfortable for pets and individuals if left untreated. Animals that house these swamp insects struggle with flea bites, itching, and the risk of catching and spreading diseases. People are also victims of fleas, suffering from infections and vexing flea bites, which typically occur in threes and can induce allergic responses.

Fleas live on blood and are big enough to house and transmit some illnesses and bacteria; nonetheless, the spread of diseases by fleas is not a major problem in the United States. However, these pests generate a slew of other issues for both humans and pets. Some of these issues include secondary infections, anemia, dermatitis and tapeworms.

Preferred Pest Control OC technicians are specifically trained to handle any type of pest issue in the safest and most effective way possible. Keeping your home or business safe from dangerous and infectious pests should be a top priority. Preferred Pest Control has a stellar reputation within the community for outstanding service, value and integrity. Which is why their business of over 4 decades is rated number one in Orange County.

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