SEO Giant, Geeky Tech, Launches New Marketing Service for Software Companies

Leader in the search engine optimisation (SEO) marketing industry, Geeky Tech has launched a new marketing service for software companies. This brand-new offering came about as the company identified a need in the market–that most marketing agencies do not understand what drives sales and marketing of SaaS and technology businesses.

According to Geeky Tech, B2B SaaS businesses can find it especially difficult to identify a marketing agency that can deliver results. Their requirements are quite different from other industries, including B2C technology companies. The audience is different, as is the way they make decisions and speak to their audiences.

Moreover, the search results in the technology sector can be dominated by tech giants, making it difficult for smaller players to rank for certain keywords. Since keywords, or search queries, are what clients use to find what they need through a search engine, part of SEO is identifying ones that would help the business be seen, explains the agency.

As research has shown, most people only look at the first page of the search engine result pages (SERPs). For technology-related keywords, the top results are usually big names, which means smaller or newer businesses might find it difficult to be seen.

However, Geeky Tech asserts that it is possible to get smaller tech businesses and startups to rank on the first page, as long as they invest in identifying keywords that are not as competitive but have a high enough search volume. These long-tail keywords are less competitive, allowing the client to see better results.

Another factor that needs to be considered for software businesses, according to Geeky Tech, is the content. B2B software businesses have a clientele that is generally very specialised and, therefore, speaks more industry-specific jargon than the average B2C clients.

Any marketing content directed towards this demographic needs to be written with that “Geek speak” (as Geeky Tech calls it). Understanding the jargon and technology may be one of the hurdles faced by non-technological SEO marketers.

Whilst the language used in the marketing message is important, Geeky Tech also emphasises that the marketing message needs to be equally refined. B2B software companies target various decision-makers within businesses. As a result, the message needs to have a full-funnel approach.

Finally, while technical SEO is important in search engine marketing, one must also consider paid marketing. Again,Geeky Tech emphasises the importance of ensuring that the paid ads are displayed on pages where they are most likely to be seen by the right audience in order to generate qualified leads.

The main message from the agency is that B2B software companies may use the same SEO strategies that every other business uses. However, the way it is implemented can be drastically different.

The business offers a range of SEO services in its new offering, specifically designed for B2B software companies. To learn more about what the agency offers, please visit

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