Siddharth Rajsekar’s Guide Shows Coaches How To Build Their Brand On YouTube

Siddharth Rajsekar, Founder, Internet Lifestyle Hub has launched a guide teaching digital coaches how to build their brand on YouTube. This guide will break myths that abstain digital coaches from thinking big. He believes that every business, and/or person is a brand. Every brand needs to be built and shaped to create a brand personality. Siddharth Rajsekar is one of the leading digital coaches in India and he launched a series of guides that will help digital coaches build their brand personality and thereby their businesses. The Ultimate Guide to Building Your Brand on Youtube not only teaches the digital coach on the importance of building their brand but also enlightens them on building a trustworthy brand personality. It further delves into digital mediums that can be used to build a credible brand.

Three significant things need to be considered while creating a digital coaches’ brand. The three things are; the kind of knowledge being shared by the digital coach with the audience, the skills that are being passed on by the digital coach, and lastly if a problem faced by the consumer is being solved. Brand personality is a combination of emotional or personal qualities that customers will associate your brand with, therefore one needs to develop a consistent message and visual identity to reinforce their brand’s mission. A solid brand building process helps your brand enter the industry competition. Building a brand personality will create an emotional attachment with the customers thereby developing trust towards your brand. This also increases the chances of your customers making a purchase. The guide shares detailed insights on what further can be done in this process.

The guide elaborates on the following contents:

1.The importance of building your brand online.

2.How to build a digital brand?

3.How to enhance your brand in this decade, 2020-2030?

4.The best content domination and social media strategy.

5. How to grow one’s YouTube Channel

6. How to get a high engagement rate on YouTube

7. The ultimate checklist for ranking high on YouTube

Siddharth Rajsekar shares the secret to making each brand unique, “When numerous people are doing similar things, how can you stand out from the crowd? How do you attract people to what you’re promoting? A magnet can draw items towards it because of its specific chemical properties. I believe from a human level, the essential chemical property is intentions. Your brand’s personality is just like the character of a human being.”

“Pondering and figuring out the three questions; What problem do you solve? why should people care? and what makes you different? will help business owners determine what makes their brand’s personality,” added Siddharth.

Once the intent and mission behind the brand are set, a digital coach has to ensure that the logo, tagline, voice, message and so on should be in-sync with the brand personality. The mission and vision should also be reflected in the brand personality. Post this, even if the competitor brands are bigger with larger budgets and more resources; a unique brand personality for the products, services, and benefits will make a smaller business stand out. If a business achieves its apt brand personality then the price point will not be a concern, it won’t be about the quantity but the quality, the value and the emotion created.

In this digital age, coaching brands have become all about a space created by magnetic personality-driven people. Youtube is considered one of the most credible mediums of the digital age. Long-form content is the most reliable as it has now become a critical part of the knowledge and information sharing business. Audiences refer to reviews and video reviews before making any big purchase decisions. Influencers on short-form social media are high grossing but Youtube influencers have a higher net worth comparatively. The reason is, the audience has more trust towards YouTubers, Youtube audiences tend to have a higher attention span and are more likely to remember your brand and/or make a purchase. Digital coaches should stick to larger content formats such as podcasts, Youtube videos, webinars and so on. Short-form content should lead the audience to the digital coaches’ larger content format and eventually lead them to the buying stage.

Before exploring digital mediums for brand promotion, there are a few aspects that need to be covered to build a brand personality, namely;

Discovering the purpose behind the brand (intent)

Competition analysis and Market Research

Determining the target audience

Establishing a brand mission statement

Highlighting the essential qualities and benefits your brand offers

Creating a brand logo and tagline

Integrating the brand into every aspect of a business

One of the most underrated but important parts of a brand is its visual identity. McDonald’s’ logo is two inverted fries and this is a symbol that has come down generations and will be passed down, instantly relating to burgers and fast food. As a layman, it is very difficult to understand the importance of the visuals your brand creates however they subconsciously affect the audience’s mind. Visuals play a vital role in long-term brand identity. A digital coach should be willing to invest the time and money to create something that sticks with the audience. The guide shares in-depth knowledge on how to build the most concrete brand personality and how does every medium and visual help in building value and credibility for the brand.

Siddharth is India’s leading digital coach and is on a mission to create a new school for the new world. He believes digital coaching is the perfect way to do this.

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