Virtual Personal Coaching Gives Parents Hope For Youth Team Sports Performance

An important article analyzing the quality and effectiveness of the coaching of youth team sports, such as soccer and basketball, has been published by athlete coaching authority, Blayze.

This article can be found here: The Benefits of One-On-One Coaching.

Whilst the focus of this report is on Soccer, it applies equally to all other youth team sports, for both boys and girls, and especially those keen on dramatically improving their performance in the sport of their choice.

A key point made in this report is the critical role that distractions and learning environments play in impacting athlete performance improvement. It appears that this is mostly due to distractions coming from teammates.

Fear is also one of the biggest challenges young athletes struggle to overcome:

— Fear of being negatively coached by rough, overzealous coaches.

— Anxiety about making mistakes and being embarrassed in front of their peers, often also by how the coach reacts.

— Concerns about what their teammates may be thinking about them.

These issues create decreased self-confidence, which is then further amplified by embarrassment about their lack of mastery of personal skills. It becomes virtually impossible for kids and teens to focus on both practice and games and therefore to properly improve their own performance.

Many young sports team players find it almost impossible to set goals or strive to achieve them when filled with fear and anxiety. It is clear that not many parents understand this, and therefore are unknowingly not supporting where it’s most important.

On top of this, it has been reported that only 5% of youth coaches have relevant training, and those that do have qualifications are overworked by having to teach or work a side job and manage upwards of 50 athletes at a time.

It is therefore not surprising when the report goes on to point out that the vast majority of developing athletes strongly prefer one-on-one coaching. This allows them to focus and set individual goals, whilst operating in a “protected space”.

It references a fascinating study that concludes that students perform in the top 2% of their peer group when provided with access to one-on-one learning.

Given that team coaches are not normally competent at individual coaching, there is a need for the parents to hire coaches that are experts in skill development, game situational advice, and to be a sounding board for their young athlete students.

One-on-one coaching will help athletes of all skill levels, not just elite players. Huge gains are obtained, particularly for the players that feel a bit forgotten or neglected. Most are keen to become respected by the coach, team members, as well as the opposing teams.

Credentialed, professional personal coaches help them regain self-confidence and to develop new ways to play to their individual strengths, which can also be fast-tracked under the supervision of their One-on-One coach.

However, can players and their parents really afford to hire expert one-on-one coaches? Most likely not, if it were to be consistently provided in-person – this would easily cost more than a thousand dollars per month per athlete.

Blayze has solved this problem by building on a model solidly proven to deliver all the advantages of expert personal professional coaching at a vastly reduced cost, as much as 95% less than in-person coaching. This is offered through convenient online personalized virtual coaching, based on a powerful new coach-athlete platform.

For more information on Blayze, see

Players first choose which coach they want to work with and then upload videos of specific skill-based activities or in-game footage. The coach then delivers detailed personalized analysis integrated into that same video, with concrete recommendations for improvements and skills development.

A short segment from a sample Blayze individual coaching video is included here: Sample Soccer Game Analysis.

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