EFTalk—building a new generation of decentralized social network

Maslow believes that when people meet the two basic needs of physiology and safety, individuals will have the desire to be needed by others, the desire to establish friendship with others, and the desire to seek a solid belief. Demand is often a vital necessity in interpersonal relationships, that is, social needs. After thousands of years of changes in human society, it has now entered a digital era with interconnection at its core.

At present, mainstream social networks such as Facebook and Twitter are all centralized platforms. The interaction between users is realized through centralized social networks. Social networks are used to communicate with people and to maintain the development of the world economy. Content and other information. Traditional social platform users create content, and social networking sites set rules, store content, and distribute content. Users cannot participate in the process of free expression, storage and distribution, deletion and retention of content.

In order to shift the control of social networks from centralized platform, the ENCRYPTION FREE TALK (EFTalk) has been developed based on the EGG Ever Motion Financial Public Chain. It realizes the transition from the centralized to the decentralized through the blockchain Transformation, using blockchain distributed technology to build a social traffic and token platform. EFT allows users to control their own data, to build a new generation of decentralized social application scenarios and to achieve more freedom of communication.

EFTalk uses the UTXO model to synchronize the user’s information, assets and data with block nodes to ensure user privacy. The DS distributed data system is a decentralized storage that to ensure a normal relationship between throughput and capacity and maintain speed. The EFT perpetual finance is built through the POTP consensus mechanism, the PoTP underlying accounting consensus algorithm and the PoTP upper accounting reward consensus distribution mechanism. The mining pool uses the CPE cross-chain protocol engine (CPE-A, CPE-D) to accommodate and support the development of diversified ecosystems to achieve a high degree of tolerance.

EFTalk has established a completely different mode of operation from traditional social networks: returning control of user data and information to individuals, and providing incentives for contributing users. This model ensures the security of personal data, and stimulates everyone to make more contributions through system mechanisms. At this time, the network is no longer a central hub, but a pure platform, a platform where users can interact with each other completely. EFTalk follows the blockchain technology, which data is redundantly stored, and only those who have the secret key can view the data. The network will provide compensation to users who make storage and computing power contributions. In addition, rewards will be provided to users who create and maintain content.

In order to allow blockchain technology to help socialize more freely and ecological development. EFT supports digital assets and physical asset deposits at the blockchain level. The EFTalk platform issues related digital tokens as a certificate of equity for platform users and investors. EFT aims to solve the problems of payment, free social interaction, privacy consensus, trust mechanism and other issues for the global social industry. At the same time, it also uses the peer-to-peer transaction capabilities of the blockchain to provide a diversified platform for decentralized content distribution and value transfer for payment, social, and entertainment content owners. EFT, the underlying native asset of EFTalk, is defined as the flow certificate and high degree of autonomy of the entire EFTalk ecosystem, constant price and non-constant volume, and at the same time as the only equity certificate for the internal use, reward, and computing power of EFTalk’s entire social ecosystem.

EFTalk essentially uses blockchain technology to reconstruct the next generation of decentralized value social networking platform, breaking the rules of traditional social networking. The EFTalk network also uses encrypted tokens to return the value of the ecological flow, asset transactions and other values ​​to the users for full incentives and form a virtuous circle. EFTalk solves the trust problem in the social ecology, shares social value with everyone, and the efficiency of the entire social system is also increased. While fully protecting user privacy and security, the value of social and token returns to every social individual.

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